About Us

Coach Lee’s Summer Camp and Wellness Education seeks to provide a healthy and fun atmosphere
 to motivate children to interact with one another and learn the importance of a healthy, active life style.

Coach Lee's After School Sports & Summer Camp originated from a need I, Roland Lee, saw in the Central Florida Community. I noticed that there were so many kids who did not have safe, productive, educational activities after school or during the summer. Being in Physical Education myself, I know the importance of being active while building relationships, developing communication and team work skills. Not to mention, each kid needs somewhere to go after school; an activity that will help them grow and keep them out of trouble. I found that, as big as Orange County Public schools are, we were lacking when it came to the programming we were offering our families. So, I did something about it. 


When discussing my dreams with my wife, we just imagined a small summer camp. As a father of three, I wanted to build a legacy my children could be proud of while also giving back to the community that helped me become who I am. A place where my boys could go and we could help people in our area. So, that’s where we started. Small scale, local, and, as our love for serving our community grew, so did our numbers! We have since grown into multiple locations across Orange County, offer a variety of sports and more than doubled the size of our Summer Camp. We have become a staple in Central Florida and our community is better because of it. Each year, we gain recognition as the need for safe spaces grows. 


Since our launch, Coach Lee's Summer Camp and After School Sports has served thousands of Central Florida kids and their families. We come together as a family, a staff, and then a community and helped our kids develop the necessary skills to reach their full potential. I am proud of the work we've done in offering football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and a full summer camp for our Central Florida families. Through this work, I have seen our community grow and flourish. I have seen shy kids turn into team captains and struggling kids make new friends and that's what it's all about. 


Coach Lee's After School Sports

Coach Lee